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Seamless hosting so you can distribute your podcasts asap

Host as many podcasts as your heart desires, wisecast only charges based on the number of downloads. You can create different shows to cater to different markets or test out your content in different regions. The sky really is the limit.

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Get Smart with wisebits

Wisecast utilizes machine learning technology to provide you
with real-time listener insights to help you optimize your content for target audiences  

  • Optimal time to post, length of podcast, target location and distribution channel are just a sample of the AI driven analytics on your dashboard.
  • New wisebits are pushed to your dashboard as wisecast captures listener insights
  • Leverage shared learning from other podcasts within your genre without sharing data
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Share audio on social through animated videos

You can now unlock the ability to convert audio files into social videos to drive more reach through additional distribution channels. Start promoting your audio content in video form on social platforms


Personalize your public podcast site hosted on wisecast

Wisecast generates a public website for your podcasts and lets you customize it based on industry best practices. You will have your very own site to drive listeners to.

  • Personalize with your branding and logos
  • Setup your social media channels and your author biography
  • Each page is responsive and each podcast has its own analytics dashboard

Automatically import your existing episodes

During the onboarding process you can upload all your existing episodes. Seamlessly import your episodes without any hassle.


Take advantage of One-Click distribution

Wisecast has been developed to make the podcast experience as seamless as possible. We have distribution setup for all key channels and platforms so that your content can be heard across the globe. So we ask ... what are you waiting for? 

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